My Method of Rating

 This is the template in which I give the book being reviewed a content rating. I thought this template would suit my blog and convictions best while giving you a through rating. If you have anymore questions about a particular book just let me know in the contact box on the home page.

None- there is no foul language
Mild- There are 1-8 mild swear words through the book
Moderate- there are 8-15 swear words used but not the F word
Severe- there are 15+ swear words and I will note whether or not the F word is included and how many times if more than one

I will describe the scene and the context in which alcohol and/or drug is used and what kind

I will rate on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being almost non-existent and 10 being frequent and severe

Sexual Content:
I will summarize here

Spiritual Content:

I will summarize here

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