Monday, December 7, 2015

Lindsey Lost

Lindsey Lost by Suzanne Marie Phillips

 Even though Micah's a star pitcher, his older sister Lindsey is the real deal--a runner so good, she has a shot at the Olympics. The two of them urge each other on, and are each other's best support. Then the unthinkable happens: Lindsey is murdered, and Micah may have been the last person to see her.

But he can't remember what happened, no matter what their parents tell him, no matter what the police say. Did he witness his sister's murder--or commit it? Can he recall the truth before his life is sentenced to end, too?

I was looking at my book shelf trying to pick a wintry read for you guys and this one popped out at me. The main character of this book is Micah. He is a very insecure character because he can’t remember anything about the night of his sister’s murder and he’s doubting himself. The worst part is his family doubts him too.

At the beginning of the book we get to see the bond between Micah and his sister Lindsey. They have a very strong relationship and it is a good example of friendship among siblings. The time in the book before Lindsey’s death was longer than I expected.

Phillips really took the time to build up the characters and let you connect to them first. She allowed you to build opinions about them before throwing you into the mystery that ensues; let you build up a conclusion and then she tore it down with some more “solid” evidence. My idea of who the murderer was changed at least four times throughout the book. At the end I was surprised that it was someone who I had crossed off the list of possible suspects.

I also thought it was creative how the chapters where set up. There were pages dividing the book up into days. Then, in each day was the chapters marked by the time of day. The book takes place over the course of six days and ends with an epilogue that takes place the next year.

In the end I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. It’s not going to make it in my top five favorites of this year but it was definitely a good book. This was my first time reading a “who dun it” type mystery and it was so much fun! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Language: Moderate with one, non-sexual f-word

Alcohol/drugs: There was mention of alcohol

Violence: 1.2

Sexual Content: There is mention of whether or not certain couples are intimate but that’s it

Spiritual Content: None

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