Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Books That Were WEIRD

For the record, I started this blog post yesterday but after trying to finish it before bed with an awful headache I decided it was best to just finish it today. So as promised: Books that were WEIRD.

The Love That Split the World by Emily Henri
                Magical Realism? Sci-fi? I don’t know how to categorize this book. All I know is that Native American legends told by an old woman only the main character, Natalie, can see, romance, and parallel universes made for a very interesting read. I really enjoyed this book and found that the concepts presented to be very original. The fact that the main character had a Native American heritage and was adopted made for a side of young adult fiction that we don't usually see. I was pleased that there was the story of Abraham and Isaac accurately told in the book. While most of the content is somewhat clean I was disappointed to read that in the last five pages of the book there is a line that talks about God's love for us and says he loves us "f****** well." It was very odd and I didn't appreciate it at all.

Language: Severe, everything else was moderate but for the F at the end

Alcohol/drugs: Several teens (not the main character) get drunk at a party and there are terrible 

Violence: 2

Sexual Content: Some kissing, a short make out scene that doesn’t go too far, skippable.

Spiritual Content: This part is a bit tricky. As a sci-fi/fantasy novel there are some very weird concepts about life, death, and spirituality. All different ways of thinking are discussed and Natalie contemplates God and who or what he is. What I saw was a very lost and confused soul who wanted to have faith but struggled with believing in anything. It was very sad to read at times. In conclusion, the book had many spiritual aspects I just can’t summarize or categorize them properly.

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

This was a stunning sci-fi survival book. The world building was done excellently and everything was easily pictured. A young war hero, Tarver, and the daughter the most powerful man in the universe, Lilac, crash onto a deserted planet after a star liner malfunction that causes the whole ship to plummet. Their journey as they navigate this eerie planet is well written. As their relationship changes it makes for even more drama to add to their plight. The romance was not original or creative and escalated way to quickly for my liking. The part of this book that was so weird was something you don’t discover until the end. Lilac starts seeing and hearing strange things as they trek to the star liner wreckage. It gradually builds towards the part when you discover what it is and when you do, you’re just like. . .what??

Language: Moderate

Alcohol/drugs: none

Violence: 5

Sexual Content: intimacy is referenced once with no more description that the mention of nudity briefly

Spiritual Content: None

You’ll Like it Here (Everybody Does) by Ruth White

                I read this middle grade book several years ago and absolutely loved it. Here’s the synopsis:
                While Meggie and David Blue are from another planet, they're a lot like Earth kids, with similar hopes and dreams. But, they also have GROSSLY UNIQUE qualities, such as blue streaks in their hair that pop up randomly and language skills that sound like nothing on this planet. The story takes these alien kids, along with their mother and grandfather, by accident, to a far planet in which the society is not only oppressive but hostile to individual freedom. People are kept submissive through drugs and brainwashing. The Blues, who have spent time in free societies recognize the upside-down-ness of this world. They're almost helpless to do anything, but do what they can, plan their escape, and vow to help others.
             This adventure story was so entertaining and well-paced. The story as a whole was very strange but in the best way possible.

Language: None

Alcohol/drugs: They use drugs on people to keep them submissive as the synopsis says

Violence: None

Sexual Content: None

Spiritual Content: None

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