Monday, February 8, 2016

The Girl in the Red Hood(ie)

Scarlet by Marissa Meyers is my first book read of 2016 and I can’t think of a better book to start off the year with. This book was SO GOOD! This is the second book in The Lunar Chronicles. Some people were not as impressed with this next instalment but I was blown away once again. I think I liked it better than Cinder. I’m not going to insert the inside cover synopsis because I don’t want to spoil anything. But, I wrote my own very vague blurb.

Scarlet is inspired by the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. The main character Scarlet lives with her grandmother on their large farm in France. But her grandmother has been missing for two weeks and with no help from the police Scarlet decides to take the search into her own hands. She meets Wolf, a street fighter who has strange antics and piercing green eyes. Meanwhile, Cinder returns in this sequel with a new companion, Captain Carswell Thorne.

THIS BOOK. . .this book. Ugh, it was amazing. The three new characters were such well written editions. I loved Scarlet. She was feisty, head strong, and passionate. I related to her so well and really enjoyed her story. Wolf. Wolf is bae. I can’t give much away about what makes him so cool because it could be a spoiler. But just know…it’s amazing. Captain Carswell Thorne was hilarious. He reminds me a lot of Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games series which is definitely a compliment. He is full of himself, flirty, and loves his spaceship. At times he provided some much needed humor and sarcasm.

The story moved along nicely with plenty of twists and turns. Chapters switched between Cinder and Scarlet’s POVs. I think that the number of chapters in a row allotted each character was perfect. Meyers cut you off at the right time and it felt complete but still was an excellent cliffhanger. Overall, I think this was a strong sequel and moves sets you up for the next novel: Cress.

Language: Very Mild

Alcohol/drugs: There are two scenes in a bar where some of the customers are drunk but nothing further than that is mentioned

Violence: 6

Sexual Content: There is some kissing and

Spiritual Content: None

Currently Reading: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (I’m almost done)

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