Monday, April 25, 2016


Nasty Left Overs by Guy L. Pace

                Book two after Sudden Mission by Guy L. Pace picks up after the crazy events now called “The Troubles.” The main character is still Paul and we get to see a little bit of a deeper side to him. This book is strictly Y/A.

Reality is back on track, but the world is devastated with only a remnant of humanity left. On a mission to restore Washington, D.C., Paul Shannon and Amy Grossman must face a sinister presence left behind by Satan.

In the ensuing battle, physical and spiritual warfare is waged against the possessed, hellhounds, and even the evil presence itself.

In this fast-paced sequel to Sudden Mission, can Paul, Amy, and their army of faithful triumph against such impossible odds?

                Wow, this book was intense! The beginning didn’t grab me from the start but it picked up quickly. I found some of the possession and demonic encounters to be quite creepy. There were a couple nights I refused to read it before bed because I was so creeped out! I spook easily though and it’s definitely not horror. I enjoyed the creepy parts as it's  not something I usually seek out and they were well written.
             I loved the scenes where groups of people prayed over someone possessed and cast out the demon. It showed the Lord’s power in an awesome way. The spiritual warfare in this book is so evident and just laid out in front of you in a way that I haven’t seen before in a book. I really enjoyed the supernatural aspect as well in this sequel.
             This book was what a second book should be: Better in every way. I saw the areas of improvement and characters were more unique and like-able. I would definitely recommend this book.

I took out three of the categories because there was not anything to rate. . .

Violence: 5.5

Spiritual Content: Just like in Sudden Mission, this book deals with a lot of spiritual warfare and in a Christian novel it’s kind of a given.

Currently Reading: I’m in-between books at the moment

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